Being deaf can sometimes affect a child’s mental health especially if there is difficulty in accepting deafness.

It is important for parents and carers, families and most importantly, for the child or young person to accept their deafness in a positive way. By accepting deafness and thinking positive about deafness, it can help to improve the child’s mental health, self-esteem and outlook on life.

  • Being deaf does not mean you are held back in life. Believe in yourself and know that you can achieve anything you want to do
  • Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for the support you need. It is absolutely okay to ask for support.
  • Meet and socialise with other deaf young people who has similar experiences as you
  • Don’t be ashamed of your deafness, own your deafness!
  • Accepting deafness can be a huge process. If you are struggling to accept your deafness, it is worth thinking why and to think of the times when you have felt positive about being deaf, even if it is something small such as having a peaceful sleep!
  • Find ways that works for you to help you to accept your deafness, it could be something creative such as drawing or writing about your feelings of deafness

Sometimes, your deaf identity can be shaped by negative comments from those around you. It is important to realise that these negative attitudes should not shape your own identity as the problem lies with them and not you.

Deaf Identity