Right Care, Right Person is an approach designed to ensure that people of all ages, who have health and/or social care needs, are responded to by the right person, with the right skills, training, and experience to best meet their needs.

Though the approach can be applied more broadly than cases relating to mental health, this document is focused on the interface between policing and mental health services, as one step towards implementing RCRP.

At the centre of the RCRP approach is a threshold to assist police in making decisions about when it is appropriate for them to respond to incidents, including those which relate to people with mental health needs. The threshold for a police response to a mental health-related incident is:

  • to investigate a crime that has occurred or is occurring; or
  • to protect people, when there is a real and immediate risk to the life of a person, or of a person being subject to or at risk of serious harm
Alert - (Amber)


If you are concerned that a person is at risk of life or serious harm, please contact 999 immediately and the police will respond.

If you are concerned about your own or someone else's wellbeing, please contact our 24/7 mental health support line which is available for Black Country residents of all ages -
please call 0800 008 6516 or text message 07860 025 281.

Right Care, Right Person is being implemented in different stages. Collaborative working is underwayto make arrangements to work towards ending police involvement in the following situations, where the RCRP threshold is not met:

  • initial response to people experiencing mental health crisis.
  • responding to concerns for welfare of people with mental health needs (i.e., undertaking welfare checks), where the person is already in contact with a mental health service or other service commissioned to provide mental health support.
  • instances of missing persons from mental health facilities, and walkouts of people with mental health needs from other health facilities (e.g., the Emergency Department).
  • conveyance in police vehicles

These are being carefully considered to ensure people in these situations are reponded by a qualified individual to assess and treat the person's needs.


Below are resources to be used to inform staff in Mental Health Organisations in the Black Country on the Right Care, Right Person approach. This includes a training model and 'Due Diligence' checklists which are expected to be completed by the police to ensure the correct processes are made for missing patients or patients that walk out of a Mental Health Care setting.=


This training has been developed for BCHFT staff to highlight the changes coming into place through the Right Care, Right Person project:

Due Diligence Forms and Checklists

Below is a template that can be used to implement due diligence checklists across your organisation.

This page is currently being developed. Please use the Toolkit for Mental Health Organisations and the Resources section for more details.

This page is currently being developed. Please use the Toolkit for Mental Health Organisations and the Resources section for more details.