Welcome to a world of opportunity in psychology at Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Here, our commitment to excellence in mental health and wellbeing is matched by our dedication to our staff's professional and personal growth. Join us in making a difference.

Why Choose BCHFT?

Unlock Your Potential: Discover unparalleled development opportunities, from promotions and specialist roles to a dedicated CPD budget for psychologists.

Diverse Career Paths: With divisions spanning from Children Young People and Families to Adult Mental Health including Learning Disabilities and Older Adults, and specialties like the National Deaf CAMHS, your career path is rich with possibilities.

Hear From Our Team: "Working at BCHFT has been a journey of growth, support, and meaningful impact. It's a place where psychology is at the heart of patient care."


Discover current vacancies and how BCHFT supports your journey from application to becoming an integral part of our psychology teams. Our recruitment process is designed to be transparent, supportive, and inclusive.

At Black Country Healthcare, your professional growth is our priority. We support your development with a variety of opportunities to expand your therapeutic skills, offering tailored roles within our supportive and innovative culture.

Annual Enhancing Connections Event
Black Country Healthcare proudly hosts an annual event to support and celebrate our staff in the psychological professions. This initiative is part of our commitment to fostering professional development, networking, and a strong sense of community among our team members.

Samina - Pioneering Psychology in Emergency Care

Samina has advanced to a principal psychologist at Black Country Healthcare, introducing psychological services to new areas. She excels in mental health liaison, enhancing patient care by merging physical and psychological health practices. Her role reflects the dynamic nature of psychology in healthcare, emphasizing collaborative efforts for improved patient outcomes.

Ann - Enhancing Mental Health Services for Older Adults

Ann's career at Black Country Healthcare, evolving from varied roles to Divisional Lead Psychologist, underscores her commitment to older adults' mental health. Her leadership fosters a psychological perspective across the organisation, enhancing staff and client well-being through systemic thinking and continuous learning.

Fauzia - Breaking Barriers in Psychology

Fauzia journey to becoming an Assistant Psychologist at Black Country Healthcare is a testament to resilience and determination. Her contribution to the book "The Aspiring Psychologist Collective" reflects on overcoming societal obstacles and the importance of diversity in the psychology profession. Fauzia's story has inspired many from under-represented backgrounds.

Kam - Making a Difference in Older Adult Community Services

Beginning as an honorary assistant and progressing to a key role in older adult care, Kam's journey with Black Country Healthcare highlights the significance of personalized care and the impact of positive psychology in enhancing life quality for service users.

Mahj - Bridging Cultural Barriers in Dementia Care

Mahj works with people who have dementia and illustrates the power of a holistic and humanistic approach. Her personal and professional growth, alongside her contribution to reducing medication reliance through tailored interventions, showcases the transformative potential of psychology in healthcare settings.

How to Apply

Ready to start your journey with us? Visit the NHS Jobs website and search for 'psychologist' to find our current openings. For a deeper insight into our teams and services, reach out directly to our friendly recruitment team.

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