What is MAPA®?
MAPA® means the Management of Actual or Potential Aggression.

MAPA® is about responding to people in a non-judgemental way, treating them with respect and dignity whilst supporting them to stay safe.

It is an approach that staff may use to support people, who display challenging or aggressive behaviour, in a positive way.

Aggressive or violent behaviour can happen as a result of people being scared, angry, frustrated, anxious or feel they are loosing control.

When people are aggressive or violent they may:

  • Harm themselves
  • Harm others
  • Damage property.

MAPA® is a collection of skills that seek to help a person become calm and regain control as soon as possible.

MAPA® interventions include talking and listening and when necessary may include holding someone to prevent harm to themselves or others. Staff will always use the least restrictive option and for the shortest time possible. Interventions used can be quite difficult to witness or be a part of, and so you may wish to discuss these feelings with someone involved in your care.


MAPA® is not about:

  • Using force
  • Causing pain or injury
  • Enforcing rules or as a punishment

A PCPiP (Person Centred Physical intervention Protocol) is a care plan that helps staff to understand what makes you angry and how they can support you. The PCPiP will be developed with you and anyone else you want involved.

If you need to talk to someone about MAPA® please speak to your named nurse.