We are building a new older adult mental health hospital within the Dorothy Pattison grounds in Walsall as part of our eradicating dormitory wards project.

The plans will see the two wards currently based at Bloxwich Hospital move over to the new build that will provide modern, en-suite accommodation for patients.

Some of the benefits of these plans includes:

  • Patient accommodation will be on the ground floor
  • Patients will have access to other facilities on the site such as a gym, canteen and multi-faith rooms
  • Near to Walsall Manor Hospital and Dorothy Pattison Hospital
  • Will meet same sex accommodation requirements
  • More flexible space for therapeutic care
  • Car parking available
  • Close to Walsall town centre and transport links

Artists impression of new site

Artists impression of new older adult inpatient provision in Walsall






Construction starts Construction complete Operational go-live
Winter 2022/23 Spring/summer 2024 Summer 2024

These timescales are subject to change.

Update 3: September 2023

The new hospital build on the Dorothy Pattison Site is progressing well and if you have visited the site recently you can see the how the works are coming along.

The build is part of our eradicating dormitory wards project and will see staff and patients move from Bloxwich Hospital to the new build when it is complete.

The construction timetable is on-track and we are planning for the site to open in Summer 2024. The construction team are working closely with estates and older adult services to support the build and we are looking forward to seeing the finished building once it is handed back to us.

Looking ahead, we are planning for a weather tight ceremony to take place in November. This is a significant milestone in the build schedule and means that the building structure is sheltered from the weather.

We will keep you updated with the build progress. In the meantime, if you have any questions email bchft.communications@nhs.net  

Update 2: February 2022

Plans for a new older adult mental health hospital are progressing in Walsall as part of a national 
programme to eradicate dormitory style accommodation in mental health settings.

Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust secured almost £50million to refurbish some of its 
older adult wards and Bloxwich Hospital is just one of the sites benefitting from the investment.The build is part of a wider programme of transformation for older adult mental health services in Walsall which aims to strengthen care in the community and ensure, that where inpatient care is needed, it enables recovery in a setting that is appropriate and responsive for all.

The development will see the wards currently provided within Bloxwich Hospital move to a new, purpose-built hospital within the grounds of the Dorothy Pattison Hospital site.
Using some of the latest materials and techniques, the build will comprise of two inpatient wards, one for patients with dementia and the other for older adults with other mental illnesses such 
as bipolar and schizophrenia. As well as offering flexible therapy space, it benefits from being close to other amenities such as Walsall Manor Hospital. Initial ground works are set to start 
in the spring, with opening expected summer 2024.

For more information, please contact bchft.communications@nhs.net