Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has a Learning Disability Community Service which helps people with a learning disability with their health needs.

The Learning Disability Community Service team have been asking people for feedback about their experience of the service. This feedback will help them improve the service for everyone. There is more about the service and team, and the service review below.

Watch our animation to learn more.

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Where the team are based

  • The Dudley team are based at the Ridge Hill Centre

  • The Sandwell team are based at Quayside House and they also use Scott House at Heath Lane Hospital for some appointments

  • The Walsall team are based at Orchard Hills House

  • The Wolverhampton team are based at Pond Lane

Who is in the team

Each local team has these types of professionals working in it:

  • Community nurses to help find out what your health needs are and how to help with them

  • Nurses who help with hospital or GP appointments

  • Psychiatry doctors who support with mental health and sometimes epilepsy

  • Occupational Therapy who help with daily activities, equipment and sensory needs

  • Speech and Language Therapy who help with communication and swallowing needs

  • Physiotherapy who help with walking, moving and body posture

  • Psychology who help with how you think and feel

There is a special team for people who need support with police and court work and there is a special team for people who need more support to stop them from going into hospital.

The team have asked different people for their feedback, this includes:

  • people who are supported by the service;
  • family members, carers and advocates;
  • healthcare staff;
  • community organisations; and
  • members of the public.

We ran a survey and held events which gave people an opportunity to share their feedack.

A Lived Experience Consultant (LEC) is someone that has used services or has family members that have used services. They will share other people’s experiences and get others involved to make services better.

There is more information about what a Lived Experience Consultant in this easy-to-read guide.

If you have any questions about becoming a Lived Experience Consultant or want to get involved contact:



We held face-to-face sessions on Tuesday 6 February for people with a learning disability, autistic people, families and carers, and for people working for organisations e.g. NHS, local authorities, voluntary and community organisations, businesses etc.

Both sessions were held at DY1 Community Venue, Stafford Street, Dudley DY1 1QD. 

Coming soon

We are currently reviewing the feedback we have received and will be organising smaller focus groups to discuss what people have told us.


We would appreciate your help in promoting our community learning disability services review to other people. These are some resources that may help:


You can discuss the survey with one of our local teams:

  • Dudley 01902 324700
  • Sandwell 0121 543 4287
  • Walsall 01922 658800
  • Wolverhampton 01902 444447

Questions about the community services review project

You can email the review team at:

The project lead is Tracey Shilvock, Principal Occupational Therapist and she can be contacted by email to: