When someone is referred to us, we will meet with them to find out what their mental health needs are. If we feel someone can benefit more from another service, we can help them get in touch with that service. If we feel we can help someone, we will discuss different kinds of treatment and support with the young person and their family.

We can help someone using different kinds of therapies and we can help someone using medication. Therapies include talking-based therapy, creative therapy, and family therapy. We are very aware that children and young people are still developing, and so we encourage positive childhood development as part of our support.

We have several different kinds of staff in our team. We have psychologists, psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, family therapists, psychologists.

We also have a Mental Health in Schools Team. This team works with a group of schools proving low level mental health support.

During working hours please call SPA 0121 612 6620 and outside of working hours please call the 24/7 Trust Mental Health helpline 08000086516. See the CAMHS Crisis and Home Treatment Team page for more information.

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

48 Lodge Road
West Bromwich
B70 8NY
Tel: 0121 612 6620