Youngsters and staff at the Paediatric Physiotherapy Service in Dudley have been getting into the festive spirit by putting their own twist on a Christmas tree for a local festival.

Patients and staff decorated a tree which will be on display at the Christmas Tree Festival at the Red House Glass Cone in Wordsley, inspired by the theme of ‘keep active’.

Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust runs the service in the Dudley borough, which helps children with a range of conditions to maximise their physical skills to boost their independence and improve their quality of life.

The team, who are based at the Sunflower Centre in Stourbridge, worked with youngsters on the decorations, with the aim of sharing details of the service with the wider community by getting festive and creative.

They made decorations of splints, positional and sports equipment to share information about their work and children and young people got involved by having drawings around their hands and feet when holding positions as part of their physio exercises.

They also coloured in sunflowers while waiting for their appointments and suggested activity ideas that were printed on ribbons to hang from the tree.

The tree is on display now at the festival, which is an opportunity for organisations and businesses to showcase their work to the borough and display a tree that reflects who they are.

Louise Kelleher, Paediatric Physiotherapy Manager at the Sunflower Centre, said: “The Community Paediatric Physiotherapy Service saw the Christmas Tree Festival as an opportunity to share our service with the wider community and celebrate the children who become part of the Sunflower Centre family, some for a short period of time and some for their whole childhood.

“We hope everyone will have a go whilst waiting to see Santa at the Red House Glass Cone.”

The Christmas Tree Festival is on at the Red House Glass Cone now until 6 January.