The Dudley Memory Assessment Service are a diagnostic service only accepting referrals from Dudley GP’s. The Team provides screening, assessment, diagnosis with post diagnosis support provided by Dementia Connect and local authority Dementia Advisers.  We accept referrals for people aged over 50 - under 50’s have to be seen by Neurology first.

We accept referrals from GP mainly as they can arrange bloods/physical health checks before referring. GP’S have to arrange Dementia screening, blood tests and treat any reversible cognitive decline.

Sometimes we accept from Psychiatrist in Black Country but again they have to do the appropriate bloods/physical health checks and rule out reversible causes of cognitive decline. 

We do assess people under 50 years but they need to be seen by a Neurologist first. The Neurologist will advise GP’S to refer to us if they think a Dementia Assessment is required. They can normally do more testing for the rarer and genetic dementias.

The team can also refer to Older Adults Therapeutic services for CST and memory groups.

We are based at Ladies Walk, Sedgley, Dudley,  DY3 3UA.

Our office hours are 8-4.

Tel: 01384 320603

Our email address is